Running Schedule: 2016 Primary Elections, House and Senate

Running is Alaska Public Media’s candidate forum. This week hosts, Ellen Lockyer, Anne Hillman and Zachariah Hughes moderate discussions between candidates vying for state House and Senate seats in the state’s primary elections. To best inform our audience, those candidate vying for uncontested seats were invited to give a two-minute statement to the viewers. Individuals running for contested seats, whose opponent either declined or did not respond to invitations to appear on the show, were given a 10-minute interview with the host. To see a map of districts click here. Below is the television schedule for Running.

Monday Night
7:00 (watch)
Contested Republican Seat Senate D: Lynn Gattis and David Wilson
Contested Republican Seat House 8: Mike Alexander
7:40 (watch)
Contested Republican Seat House 9: Jim Colver and George Rauscher
Contested Republican House 10: David Eastman, Wes Keller and Steve Menard
8:30 (watch)
Contested Republican Seat Senate F: Adam Crum, Shelley Hughes and Steve St. Clair
Contested Republican Seat House 11: Richard Best and DeLena Johnson
Uncontested Democratic Seat House 12: Gretchen Wehmhoff

Tuesday Night
7:00 (watch)
Contested Republican Seat House 13: Dan Saddler and Myranda Walso
Contested Republican Seat House 14: Crystal Kennedy and Lora Reinbold
Uncontested Democratic Seat Senate H: Bill Wielechowski
Uncontested Republican Seat Senate H: Kevin Kastner


Uncontested Republican Seat House 15: Gabrielle Ledoux
Contested Republican Seat House 16: Don Hadley
Uncontested Democratic Seat House 18: Harriet Drummond

Contested Democratic Seat Senate J: Tom Begich and Ed Wesley


Uncontested Democratic Seat House 19: Geran Tarr
Uncontested Democratic Seat House 20: Les Gara
Uncontested Republican Seat House 21: Marilyn Stewart
Contested Republican Seat House 22: David Nees and Liz Vazquez
Uncontested Democratic Seat House 22: Ed Cullinane
Uncontested Alaskan Independence Party Seat House 22: Dustin Darden

Wednesday Night (watch)
Contested Democratic Seat Senate L: Roselynn Cacy and Forrest McDonald
Contested Republican Seat Senate L: Craig Johnson, Jeff Landfield and Natasha von Imhof
Uncontested Democratic Seat House 23: Chris Tuck
Uncontested Democratic Seat House 24: Sue Levi
Uncontested Republican Seat House 24: Chuck Kopp
Uncontested Democraptic Seat House 25: Pat Higgins
Contested Republican Seat House 26: Chris Birch and Bob Lynn
Uncontested Democratic Seat House 26: Bill Goodell
Uncontested Republican Seat Senate N: Cathy Giessel
Contested Republican Seat House 27: John Zebutis
Uncontested Democratic Seat House 27: Harry Crawford
Contested Republican Seat House 28: Jennifer Johnston
Uncontested Democratic Seat House 28: Shirley Cote

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