The Science of Bears

The world’s bear researchers meet every 18 months.  Past meetings have been
in Greece, the Georgian Republic, etc. This one’s in Alaska, starting June
12. This is a big deal.  Among other events, there are evening lectures
open to the public, one by mauling survivor Dan Bigley, the guy who had the
top of his face removed by a bear in Alaska, another by well-known public
broadcaster Richard Nelson.  But our guests will be biologists.  Our panel
will delve into the science of a subject that is always of acute interest
to Alaskans, from Polar Bear tundra to Brown Bear stream to Black Bear
rainforest.  Bear biology, status and bear/human behavior will be on the

A bear cub on the Chilkoot River in 2010. (Ray Morris/Flickr Creative Commons)
A bear cub on the Chilkoot River in 2010. (Ray Morris/Flickr Creative Commons)

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HOST: Steve Heimel


  • Steve Amstrup, Chief Scientist, Polar Bears International, by
    telephone from Wyoming.
  • Dave Garshelis, Bear co-chairman, International Union for the Conservation
    of Nature, by telephone from Minnesota
  • Margaret Williams, World Wildlife Fund, one of the conference organizers,
    in studio
  • Statewide callers


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LIVE Broadcast: Tuesday, June 7, 2016 at 10:00 a.m. on APRN stations statewide.

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