“The Way Home”­ Healing from Historical Trauma

The impacts of trauma on an individual are well documented and include; Depression, anxiety, substance abuse, poor attachment and bonding, and numerous other physical
and emotional problems. When large groups of people collectively experience traumatic events such as genocide, oppression, or prolonged war, the impacts can devastate a
community or an entire culture for generations. Over representation in the homeless population and in correctional institutions, widespread problems with addiction and child
abuse, a chronic cycle of poverty and dependence, and a disconnection and alienation from extended family, culture and society are the legacy of historical trauma.


HOST: Prentiss Pemberton


  • Kyle Wark. First Alaskans Institute.
  • Darlene Trigg. First Alaskans Institute.


Native American Tribal Communities Provide Hope Overcoming Historical Trauma
9 Ways Native Men Can Heal Historical Trauma
Sharing Culture
Examing the Theory of Historical Trauma Among Native Americans
It Runs in the Family
Boarding School Historical Trauma Among Alaska Native People
How Trauma is Carried Across Generations
Trauma, Transgenerational Transfer and Effects on Community Wellbeing
The Impact of Historical and Intergenerational Trauma on American Indian and Alaska Native Communities


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