Kokhanok Boy, 5, dies in accidental shooting

State troopers now say that a 5-year-old Kokhanok boy was accidentally shot Saturday by an 11-year-old boy who had gotten ahold of a .22 caliber rifle. The two were apparently in the same home playing video games at the time.

After the shooting, the boy was medevaced from Kokhanok to Anchorage, where he died from his injuries Sunday.

Troopers were on the scene Sunday and Monday, including a member of the Alaska Bureau of Investigation. They have not yet released details on whose gun was involved or how it was obtained.

A GoFundMe account established to help the family cover funeral arrangements had raised over $5000 Monday.

Mental health counselors were in Kokhanok on Monday to speak with children and other members of the community.

Last month, the 4-year-old son of a state trooper in Bethel was killed after he accidentally shot himself with a handgun in the living room of his home.

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