Unalaska man makes good on 2015 New Year’s resolution

Unalaska’s Josh Good made an ambitious new year’s resolution last January – to kayak for at least 30 minutes on 300 days during 2015.

That meant lugging his kayak into the chilly waters anywhere from Morris Cove to Nateekin Bay, in all seasons and conditions. Part of his time spent on the water included a summertime kayaking trip around Glacier Bay National Park.

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A GoPro mounted on his kayak snapped this pic of Good on his 300th day of paddling in 2015. Photo: Josh Good.
A GoPro mounted on his kayak snapped this pic of Good on his 300th day of paddling in 2015. Photo: Josh Good.

Last week Good made good on his resolution. On Dec. 22, he, his wife and a friend paddled for an hour and 25 minutes in windy conditions from the beach across from the Dutch Harbor post office to Margaret Bay. Non-kayaking friends met Good on the Grand Aleutian beach to cheer his accomplishment.

Good said the most noticeable change – physically – from all that kayaking was not buffed-out shoulders.

“I think the biggest change is my hands, just holding the paddle all the time. The first couple of weeks my hands were really tired,” Good said. “But yesterday paddling, we were paddling the wind and the waves. My wife Missy and our friend Simon were with me, and I really noticed how much quicker I was, how much stronger I guess I was.”

He says he was inspired to take up his kayaking quest after a friend made a similar pledge.

“My friend last year had a new year’s resolution to run every day of the year. And he did it. So that’s kind of my inspiration for my kayaking everyday. And there was no way I was going to make 365 days – [although] I’ve learned now that you can paddle just about every day.  Regardless of the weather. So I set a goal of 300. I figured that was feasible,” Good said.

Good is married to local marine biologist Melissa Good and teaches fifth grade at Eagle’s View Elementary. He said it was hard simply finding enough time in his busy day to get out on the water before darkness fell. And – since this area is called the birthplace of the winds – that element was his most formidable opponent. But only when it was mercurial.

Paddling in February. Photo: Josh Good.
Paddling in February. Photo: Josh Good.

As long as the front of his kayak was pointed into the wind, it was fine. He could fight a windy blast for the 15 minutes it took to get to Hog Island, then turn around and surf all the way back with the wind at his back.

“But the gusts, they come from all the different directions, and it’s the worst when they are doing that, they are swirling around,” Good said. “So you’ll be bracing, kind of leaning towards, into the wind with one shoulder and a gust will come from the opposite way and you’re already leaning and it just doesn’t turn out well.”

In 300 days, he didn’t get dunked once. There was only one incident near ‘Little South America’ when he had to hop out of his kayak onto some rocks or risk a battering.

So now that Good has fulfilled his 2015 resolution, what’s next for 2016?

“I haven’t thought of a good one yet, so we’ll see. This is the first new year’s resolution that I’ve really followed through on, thought about past Jan. 3,” Good said.

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