Bethel officer accused of attempted sexual assault out on bail

Former Bethel police officer Aaron Fedolfi is out on bail in Anchorage, as of Monday, Nov. 30, according to court documents.

Bail was reduced from $20,000 to $2,500. Bethel-Police

Fedolfi is the former Bethel Police officer charged with two misdemeanor counts of attempted sexual assault and official misconduct while serving with the BPD. After the complaints arose in September, Fedolfi was placed on administrative leave and quit. After charges were brought forth, Fedolfi went on a five-day run from authorities before being caught in Anchorage.

The bail hearing took place the day before Thanksgiving in the Anchorage courthouse. Fedolfi was released on the conditions that he wears an ankle bracelet, for GPS monitoring and is placed under house arrest.

According to court documents, he’s not allowed Internet access and can only use a monitored cellphone.

Fedolfi’s defense attorney paid the cash bond for Fedolfi’s release. This was the second bail hearing for the defendant. His lawyer tried unsuccessfully to have him released the previous week.

According to the documents, Fedolfi will stay at a hotel in Anchorage and has no family members in the city.

He’s due back in Bethel court on Jan. 5.

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