Road to Andersonville: Native American Sharpshooters’ Civil War Journey

(photo Courtesy of Stratigraphic Productions.)
(Photo Courtesy of Stratigraphic Productions.)

ROAD TO ANDERSONVILLE is a powerful story from Executive Producer David Schock about the men of Company K. This film is the story of the 139 Native Americans who joined as members of Company K, their recruitment, the training, their battles, and their deaths and survival.

The men of Company K saw hard service in most of the major battles in the Civil War. In all, one fourth of the men of Company K were either killed or wounded in battle, but some were captured.

After the Battle of Petersburg, fifteen of their number were sent to a living hell: the notoriously brutal Confederate prison camp at Andersonville where almost 13,000 POWs died of starvation and/or disease. Seven men from Company K died and were buried there without a burial ceremony.

In May of 2010, about a dozen descendants of Company K and others of the present day Anishinabe Ogitchedaw Veteran and Warrior Society traveled toAndersonville to offer their prayers and pay homage and respect to the spirits of the men of Company K there buried. This film is the story of that journey and the 139 men who served as members of Company K.

  • Tuesday, November 3. 10:00 p.m. 
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