AFN: Alaskans share intimate ‘heroes’ stories online

AFN 2015 is officially underway. This year’s theme is ‘Heroes in our Homeland.’

In a more literal take on the theme, Alaska Native veterans opened the convention by presenting the Color Guard. There were two World War II veterans on hand. Sen. Dan Sullivan also used his time on the podium to laud Alaska’s servicemen and women.

But some of the more touching hero stories are quietly making their way through social media.

In a Facebook post, one mom says her hero is her daughter, who — after being raised in a household with drugs, alcohol and abuse — is blossoming into a mature young woman connected to her culture. The mom and daughter duo have recently moved to Anchorage to turn a new page in their lives, together.

Another mother thanks her two daughters, ages 8 and 5, for being pillars of strength after losing their father. Her older daughter is autistic, she says, and sometimes the younger one has to miss out on certain events because the eldest has a hard time with crowds and new places. Both little girls are heroes, she says.

Other stories thank parents, grandparents and siblings for being everyday heroes to their families and communities.

Toggle through the photo slider to see some ‘hero’ stories.

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