Gorongosa Park: Battle Lines

Wildlife cameraman, Bob Poole and his custom Landrover filming vehicle, known in the park as the ‘Bobmobile’. (Photo Courtesy of Gina Poole / Off the Fence B.V)

Experience the inspiring rebirth of an African wilderness through the eyes of Emmy Award-winning wildlife cameraman Bob Poole. Darting lions, wrestling crocs, facing down angry elephants – it’s all part of a day’s work as he joins the battle to re-wild a legendary national park.

in this episode, a new lion’s arrival sparks a conflict among Gorongosa’s dominant lions. Joyce has questions about the mysterious behavior of the Gorongosa’s elephants, and Bob tastes the danger of crop-raiding elephants. Joyce has a breakthrough with the elephants.

  • Tuesday, October 6. 7:00 p.m.


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