In Fairbanks, Equinox Marathon runners slog along for Usher syndrome

Fairbanks annual Equinox Marathon is Saturday. A hilly, mostly off road course and wet, cool weather make the race a challenge, but a few participants in this year’s event are battling a much tougher foe.

Photo: Dan Bross
Photo: Dan Bross

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Fairbanks runner Caroline Brown’s son has a rare genetic disorder that’s robbing his hearing and sight. Brown is part of a group of runners taking on this year’s Equinox Marathon in support of developing treatments and even a cure for Usher Syndrome.

Brown and several other members of the Usher Syndrome Coalition are participating in the Equinox Marathon as part of the first ever Usher Syndrome Awareness Day, and what they’re calling “Own the Equinox”.

Marco Steffan is running tomorrow’s marathon, guiding a friend from Boston who has Usher syndrome.

Steffan and Brown are taking sponsorships and donations in hope of raising fifty thousand dollars for Usher syndrome research.

Dan Bross is a reporter at KUAC in Fairbanks.

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