No one injured during police standoff in Ketchikan

No one was injured and no shots fired during a police standoff of more than three hours outside a Ketchikan home on Memorial Day.

At approximately 6:40 Monday morning, police responded to a report of loud noise coming from a Monroe Street residence. Deputy Police Chief Josh Dossett says when officers arrived they could hear loud music and people inside yelling and arguing. He says officers contacted 63-year old Corrine Graham in front of the residence.

“She was having a verbal argument with her adult son who lived in the residence also. She wanted to have him removed, but since they’re both residents of that house, neither of them could be made to leave under state law.”

Dossett says because no crime had been committed, officers left the scene. He says police were called back at about 8:00 am on a report of an alleged domestic dispute.

“When officers arrived, Ms. Graham barricaded herself in the main bedroom of the residence. Officers learned she had been brandishing a handgun, waving it around in front of her husband and her son. At that point, officers attempted to make contact with her. She wasn’t responding from the bedroom, which was locked. We secured the scene, outside and inside, and began removing residents from the homes directly next to her residence.”

Dossett says three nearby homes were evacuated and a negotiator brought in. He says Graham allegedly would not respond back or acknowledge the officer. Dossett says after about three and a half hours, Graham exited the home.

“Officers initially contacted her. She ran back inside. Within a minute or two she came out the door at which point she was placed on the ground and placed in restraints. She was pretty upset, she was still pretty agitated from the incident earlier that morning. But then she was escorted to a vehicle and transported to the police station for an interview.”

Dossett says a search warrant was issued and a firearm found in the bedroom allegedly believed to be used in the incident.  Dossett does not believe drugs or alcohol were involved.

“It just appeared to be a very heated domestic situation which, in our line of work, can be some of the most dangerous because it’s very emotional. It’s very emotionally charged for the people involved.”

Graham was arrested and held, without bail, at the Ketchikan Correctional Center. She is charged with 3rd degree domestic-violence assault.

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Maria Dudzak is a reporter at KRBD in Ketchikan.

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