Birds Make Their Annual Invasion of Southcentral Alaska

By Alan D. Wilson, via Wikimedia Commons
Rock sandpiper, by Alan D. Wilson, via Wikimedia Commons

The birds are coming back. Shorebirds invade Southcentral Alaska on their migrations about now, and festivals are planned in Homer and Cordova where, if the timing is right, you can see clouds of birds descending on the beaches and mudflats. On today’s show, we’ll hear from both places, and learn about the science of the migration of these little birds.

We’ll also be joined by Mr. Whitekey’s, Anchorage’s most famous singer of vulgar songs, who also happens to be an exceptional bird watcher. We’ll talk about the pleasure and interest of birding, and where you can do it here in Anchorage, around our region, and across Alaska. Our state is a birder’s paradise, and if you have any inclining to give it a try, today’s show will be a good starting point.

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HOST: Charles Wohlforth


  • Erin Cooper, Copper River Shorebird Festival, Cordova
  • Marianne Aplin, manager, Alaska Islands and Ocean Visitor Center
  • Carmen Field, naturalist, marine educator
  • Mr. Whitekeys, bird enthusiast


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