“A Right Denied” *Global Education Series*

Whitney Tilson and Broken Pencil Productions present A Right Denied: The Critical Need for Genuine Education Reform. Education reformer Whitney Tilson gives the most in-depth exploration ever committed to film of the twin achievement gaps that threaten our nation’s future: between the U.S. and our economic competitors, and between low-income, minority students and their more affluent peers. After spending more than two decades on the front lines, witnessing first-hand public education’s shocking failures and remarkable successes, Mr. Tilson was inspired to assemble a powerful and at times unsettling presentation about the twin achievement gaps and what must be done to address them. He utilizes the latest data and research to paint the most detailed portrait of American public education ever committed to film. More importantly, he presents us with a way forward so our nation can deliver on its promise to all of its children and ensure its long-term future.

Hear a partial recording of the panel discussion that followed the film below:

Listen Now:

TOPIC:  “A Right Denied”


  • Jill Dean, owner, GrassRoots
  • Diane Hirshberg,  director of Center for Alaska Education Policy Research, ISER
  • Celeste Graham-Hodge, executive director, Shiloh Community Development, Inc.
  • Tim Parker, state director of the National Education Association


  • June Sobocinski, vice president of education impact at the United Way of Anchorage

RECORDED: Wendesday, March 25, 2015 at the Wendy Williamson Auditorium

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