Human Remains Found on Kenai Trail May Link to Missing Family

According to a release on Sunday, Kenai police were notified by a motorist Saturday evening of human remains and clothing found on a local trail.

The remains were found in west Kenai near Borgen Avenue and Alpine Drive.

That’s just a few miles from the apartment of a family that’s been missing for 10 months.

Thirty-seven-year-old Brandon Jividen, his girlfriend, 22-year-old Rebecca Adams, and her two daughters, 6-year-old Michelle and 3-year-old Jaracca, disappeared in late May 2014. They were reported missing in early June.

At the time, their apartment was found locked with no signs of forced entry. The family’s camping gear and two cars were left at the apartment, along with the children’s car seats and many of their clothes and possessions. However, there were some personal effects reported missing.

Items found with the human remains over the weekend do appear to match those missing from the apartment.

Police, State Troopers, the FBI, Fish and Game and volunteers conducted extensive searches near the apartment last summer, including the Borgen Avenue area. The structured sweeps were called off after several weeks of turning up few leads, though family and friends continued the search through late last year.

The remains will be analyzed and the police are investigating. An FBI team from Anchorage has been dispatched to assist.

Police are not releasing any additional information until a media briefing midday Monday.

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