Bethel Police Investigate Suspected Homicide

State Troopers are investigating a suspected homicide in Kotlik. 28-year-old Jerald Fancyboy was found dead Saturday in a home.

Trooper spokesperson Megan Peters says no arrests have been made. The troopers’ major crimes unit travelled to Kotlik to investigate, along with state troopers from St. Mary’s and elsewhere.

“They’re there to investigate the death and the circumstances surrounding the death. At this point we are investigating it as a homicide, it’s an ongoing investigation and we’ll see what the outcome ultimately is,” Peters said.

Peters is not sharing any other details at this stage.

“With our investigators there, they are trying to determine the cause and circumstances overall. A lot of times with investigations we will not put information out right away because it’s not confirmed yet. We might get one report that it was one thing and through investigation, interviews, and evidence, find out later it was nothing like that at all. Until we have information that is confirmed, we’re going to keep it close,” Peters said.

Fancyboy’s body was sent to the state medical examiners office for an autopsy.

Ben Matheson is a contributor with the Alaska Public Radio Network.

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