Second Boy Reaches Deal in Illegal Brevig Mission Muskox Killings

Both boys charged with chasing down a herd of muskox before killing several of the animals just outside of Brevig Mission have now reached a deal with state prosecutors, bringing to a close a case that started back in 2012.

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More than two years ago the two boys—at the time aged 10 and 13—were charged with shooting at a small herd of the iconic animals with rifles and shotguns over the course of several days before ultimately chasing the herd down on four wheelers and killing seven of the animals—five cows and two bulls.

The names of both of the boys involved with the incident are not being released due to their age.

In all, the pair faced dozens of charges, including a combined 11 counts of wanton waste of big game, when they first appeared before a Nome judge in January.

The younger of the two boys faced seven charges of wanton waste of muskox, as well as eight misdemeanor hunting violations and tampering with evidence. Alaska statue calls for a $3,000 penalty for illegally killing a muskox.

In a Dec. 2 plea bargain, the younger boy reached a deal with prosecutors. In exchange for a guilty plea to “one consolidated charge” of wanton waste, he was fined $500—with $500 suspended—and ordered to pay $3,000 in restitution to the state, just a fraction of the $21,000 fine he could have faced. The boy also has to forfeit his Yamaha four wheeler and the four guns used in the muskox killing. In addition, the terms of the deal rescinds the boy’s hunting privileges for one year.

In July the older of the two boys reached a similar deal, pleading guilty to one count of wanton waste in exchange for a single $3,000 fine and the forfeiture of all equipment—including guns and four wheelers—used in the incident.

In the deal reached with the older boy earlier this year, state prosecutors said many of the financial penalties and other punishments the boys faced were reduced due to their young age.

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Matthew Smith is a reporter at KNOM in Nome.

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