Winter Solstice: ‘Follow the Light’ at Elderberry Park

Artist Scott Pugh working with light designs for “Follow the Light,” a light and sound installation opening for three weeks at Elderberry Park in downtown Anchorage, the collaboration of a group of local artists known as “The Light Brigade.” This is an Anchorage Centennial event. (Photo by Michael Conti, used courtesy of The Light Brigade)

Anchorage’s 100th birthday celebration is all next year, 2015. But festivities begin this month, when The Light Brigade, a band of local artists, writers, designers and programmers launches their official Centennial event, “Follow the Light” on the Winter Solstice, Saturday, Dec. 20.

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Vintage holiday decor.
Vintage holiday decor. (Photo courtesy of The Light Brigade)

This light and sound installation will be hosted at Elderberry Park in downtown Anchorage for three weeks. Creators say it is the largest ever conceived and executed in Alaska.

If you’re familiar with Elderberry, a curvy sidewalk links it the Coastal Trail. The park bluff leading to the trail sets the stage for this interactive and energy self-sufficient art piece. And, there’s a tunnel! “Piece” seems like a misnomer, since many pieces placed throughout the landscape are planned.

Of course, as with most Light Brigade festivities, there’s a story behind this event. Where do the curvy sculpture skeletons come from? How did they morph? You’ll be surprised to find out how attractive kitsch can become. And all those lights? What’s the energy bill on that? That’s another surprise.

Schematic of the installation. (Courtesy The Light Brigade)
Schematic of the installation. (Courtesy The Light Brigade)

As one organizer, Bruce Farnsworth put it, the piece is a celebration of Anchorage’s Centennial, Light Brigade-style. Assembled from artifacts of Anchorage’s holiday past, the subject for The Light Brigade is less looking backward and more looking forward—to the next 100 years.

Join us Wednesday at 2 p.m. to get a preview of this Centennial event, to explore why many believe events like this matter to the well being of a community, and to get a preview of Centennial events to come. Join us with your questions, your curiosity and your community and artistic sensibilities. For a 22-image slideshow of the progression of this project, click here.

HOST: Kathleen McCoy


  • Susan Duck, special assisstant to Mayor/Centennial Project
  • Mike Prozeralik, co-chair, AEDC Live Work Play steering committee
  • Bruce Farnsworth, The Light Brigade



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