Ballot Measure 1 – Oil Tax Referendum

Last year the Legislature narrowly passed Senate Bill 21, which offers tax cuts to encourage more drilling in the wake of declining oil production statewide. Today, Alaska voters have the opportunity to repeal the cuts laid out under SB 21. Those voting “yes” on Ballot Measure 1 are voting to repeal the cuts. Those voting “no” are electing to leave the tax reform as it stands under Senate Bill 21.

Current poll numbers are being pulled from the Alaska Division of Elections webpage.

—10:08 a.m.—

With 98.6% of precincts reporting, the oil tax referendum failed to pass.  Here’s a 6:00 a.m. report from APRN’s Alexandra Gutierrez.

—11:38 p.m.—

“No” votes increase the lead over “yes” votes by about 3500.

—10:55 p.m.—

“No” votes just overtook the “yes” votes with 37.9% of the votes in. The spread is about a 1000 votes. It’s still a close one.

—10:12 p.m.—

Votes are still hovering around 50-50 with 32.2% of precincts reporting, with votes to repeal the tax cuts marginally ahead of votes to keep current tax reform.

—9:35 p.m.—

Votes on Ballot Measure 1 are a near-even split with 20.9% of precincts reporting.

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