McKinley Disasters

In 1967 the Wilcox Expedition attacked Mount McKinley with 12 young men. Only five came back alive. The disaster was the worst in the history of the mountain, and changed many lives and the way people thought about climbing it.

It is also a gripping and difficult story that is still well worth exploring, as two authors have done in recent books. Each of those authors join Outdoor Explorer to talk about the event. One is a journalist who was a child of the park’s superintendent at the time, and the other a climber who was 19 at the time of the disaster and on the next climb after the Wilcox group, and struggled to save their lives.

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Author Andy Hall joins Outdoor Explorer to talk about the Wilcox Expedition.

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Author Jeff Babcock, who was one of the mountaineers in the party just after the Wilcox disaster, tells about how their Denali trip turned into a rescue mission.

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