Mallott Campaign Computer Stolen

A laptop was taken from Byron Mallott’s Anchorage campaign office. (APRN photo)
A laptop was taken from Byron Mallott’s Anchorage campaign office. (APRN photo)

A laptop computer with donors’ financial information has been stolen from the Anchorage office of the Byron Mallott gubernatorial campaign.

The laptop was discovered missing about 7 p.m. Wednesday, as volunteers were wrapping up their day.

Campaign advisor Bruce Botelho says the laptop was in a restricted area at the back of the office.

“What we believe may have happened was the back door had not latched properly. Someone had come in through the back door while volunteers were working in the front public area of the campaign and it was removed.”

Botelho says nothing else was taken.

PDF copies of checks and credit cards were on the computer, including each contributor’s name, mailing address, phone number, bank account, or credit card and security code numbers, as well as occupation and employer.

A letter went out Thursday to more than a thousand Mallott contributors, recommending they verify and monitor their bank and credit card accounts. State law requires immediate notification of lost or stolen personal information, unless a criminal investigation calls for delay.

“Important to this entire incident is the fact that the computer was password protected and was shut down at the time,” Botelho says. “In that respect that lessens the risk, I think, to any of our donors. But nevertheless, there still is a risk.”

Botelho believes it was a random theft and not targeted at the Democrat’s campaign for governor.

Anchorage police are investigating the incident.

Rosemarie Alexander is a reporter at KTOO in Juneau.

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