Alaska News Nightly: December 13, 2013

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Oiled Birds Wash Ashore On St. Lawrence Island

Two dead, oil – covered seagulls have been found off the coast of St. Lawrence Island. In a release issued today [Friday], the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation says that the two freshly dead birds were discovered by off shore hunters on December 10.

Legislation Would Reject Pay Raise For Governor

House Democratic lawmakers plan to introduce legislation rejecting proposed pay raises for Alaska’s governor and other top state officials.

For low income Alaskans who want to buy health insurance on the federal marketplace, there’s a magic number to keep in mind: $14,350. That’s the amount of yearly income they have to earn to qualify for a subsidy to purchase coverage. With the subsidy, they have to pay very little for health insurance. But below that mark, it’s full price.

Governor Parnell’s state budget totals $12.4 billion, and includes drawing $1.1 billion from reserves. Many capital projects saw significant cuts in the proposed budget, including the Susitna-Watana Hydroelectric Project.

Legislators Consider State Takeover Of School Health Plans To Lower Costs

School districts currently manage their own health insurance plans. They pick their own providers, they decide how much of the premium they want to cover, and their employees can bargain for better benefits. But now, a senator from the Mat-Su Borough is pushing for the state to take over management of school health plans, and a report commissioned by the Legislature backs that proposal up as a way of saving money.

Nelson Mandela’s funeral is Sunday. The well-known African leader passed away at 95. He fought Apartheid or racial segregation, which kept him in prison for decades by the country’s government, run by the white minority. One Bethel resident was deeply moved by his passing.

AK: Ancient Shorelines

Most of us like to know something about our family history. And we might want to get some idea of who was here before us.

300 Villages: Shaktoolik

This week we travel to the native village of Shaktoolik, a coastal village about 125 miles east of Nome on Norton Sound. Shaktoolik mayor Eugene Asicksik tells us more.



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