Alaska News Nightly: October 31, 2013

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Shell Weighs Options For 2014 Arctic Drilling

Lauren Rosenthal, KUCB – Unalaska

Shell Oil is still weighing its options for drilling in the Arctic next year. The program would be scaled down compared to the company’s last trip north in 2012.

Residents Concerned About How Susitna-Watana Dam May Affect Lifestyle, Habitat

Anne Hillman, APRN – Anchroage

As Alaska’s natural gas prices rise, the Alaska Energy Authority is working on a large-scale project aimed at steadying Railbelt energy costs and moving away from a reliance on fossil fuels. But critics say the potential environmental impacts of the proposed Susitna-Watana Dam could cost the lifestyles and livelihoods of Alaskans who live near the river.

Miller Allowed To Use Campaign Funds To Appeal $84,000 Judgment

Liz Ruskin, APRN – Washington DC

The Federal Election Commission ruled today that U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller can use campaign funds to appeal an $84,000 judgment arising from a campaign related lawsuit. The FEC, though, stopped short of saying a candidate can use campaign money to pay a penalty arising from his own bad conduct in a court case. That distinction probably won’t matter to Miller.

Panel Proposes Salary Increases For Gov, Lt. Gov

The Associated Press

The governor, lieutenant governor and commissioners would receive pay raises under a proposal by the State Officers Compensation Commission.

More Legislative Workers Allowed Facebook Access

Alexandra Gutierrez, APRN – Juneau

For years, Facebook access has been a vexing issue for the Legislature. Lawmakers have even joked that it’s second only to oil taxes in the amount of controversy it stirs up. Wednesday, the committee that sets office rules for the Capitol finally approved a policy for staff use of the social networking site.

FCC Approves GCI’s Purchase Of Television Stations

Rosemarie Alexander, KTOO – Juneau

The Federal Communications Commission has approved GCI’s purchase of  Anchorage television station KTVA. In its order, the FCC said GCI’s takeover of the television stations was in the public interest of local viewers.  But a number of Alaska broadcasters opposed the buyout based on GCI’s near monopoly in cable television. The stations argued a distribution company as large as GCI could not compete fairly with traditional television stations.

For Homeless Teens, It’s About More Than Right And Wrong

Julia O’Malley, Anchorage Daily News

Homeless teenagers have been in the news a lot lately. Not as individuals, but as a faceless group responsible for crime and vandalism in downtown Anchorage. Anchorage Daily News Columnist Julia O’Malley wrote last summer about two downtown bike police who questioned whether non-profits that serve teenagers aren’t making the problem worse. Earlier this month, she visited one of those non profits to get their side of the story.

Longtime Pen Pals Meet In Eek

Ben Matheson, KYUK – Bethel

After eight years of exchanging letters from their homes in rural Alaska and Vermont two pen pals met each other face to face this month in Eek.

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