The Last Leg of the 2013 Garden

Jamie Woodside Geese

With all of the leaves gone, the weather is starting to feel less like fall and more like winter, and I’m somewhat surprised that there is no snow on the ground yet.

I’ve been taking full advantage of the un-frozen earth, however, and am still enjoying the harvests from the garden. I’m eating broccoli, chard, bok choy and lettuce, having just finished the last of the turnips and beets last week. I’m not harvesting any more sunchokes, as I want to have a good crop next year.

Along with stretching the garden out, I’ve also managed to get an extra fence project started! I’m building a small wattle fence at the back of the herb garden, to protect the siding on the house from back splash and to keep the dirt from eroding toward the house as well.

I love the look of this type of fencing, and with all the brush that grows up around here, I’ll never run out of supplies! Wattle fencing is such an easy solution around the garden, and it’s a great way to utilize the natural materials on your property!

Jamie Woodside Wattle Fence

The geese are doing well, although Gerdie is quite confused as to why the swimming pool is so hard and slick in the mornings! I’ve left it out for them up until now, but I’ll be removing it this weekend and putting it into storage for the winter.

We should hopefully be building the arctic entryway for the goose house this weekend also, so with any luck, I’ll be able to get my projects finished and all of the tools put away before the snow decides to let loose!

Jamie shares her thoughts and ideas as she explores organic gardening and permaculture in Big Lake, Alaska. She writes about chemical-free gardening in a cooler climate, saving energy or using alternatives, cooking from scratch, and living a more frugal lifestyle.

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