Gold Mining


gold flakesIt’s a fair bet that the stampeders who flowed north during the Klondike Gold Rush never thought of mining as recreational, but the hunt for gold is something people do for fun, as well as profit. We’ll find out how and why modern recreational miners persist in sifting Alaska’s streams with pans and other obsolete equipment, going after glittering flakes of gold, and hoping for something much richer. It’s a hobby that gets them outdoors, and it’s a treasure hunt.

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HOST: Charles Wohlforth


  • Nate Williamson, Crow Creek Mine
  • Bill Dunlevy, Anchorage Chapter, Gold Prospector’s Association of America
  • Margaret Timmerman, Tuesday Night Races, Anchorage Parks and Recreation


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BROADCAST: Thursday September 5, 2013. 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm AKT

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