Tug, Barge Grounded Southeast of Cordova

The Coast Guard is monitoring recovery efforts of a tug and barge that went aground in the Gulf Alaska, Wednesday afternoon.

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The Hook Point- Alaganik was on a tsunami debris clean-up project 60 miles southeast of Cordova when it encountered heavy waves, strong currents, and river ice from the mouth of the Seal River.

Coast Guard spokesperson Lieutenant Allie Ferko says the currents caused vessel to swing broadside into the waves, lift up, and come down onto the large pieces of ice.

“That impact broke the mechanical system that was holding the tug and barge together and both washed up on the beach,” Ferko said.

Ferko says both people on board, who were wearing survival suits at the time, abandoned the ship. They made it safely to shore with the help from a shoreside clean-up crew. No injuries were reported.

Ferko says there was a little sheen reported in the area.

“We’ve got a report of approximately 2,050 gallons of diesel, 90 gallons of hydraulic oil and 30 gallons of gasoline,” she said. “And that’s between the two part of the tug and barge.”

There is no timetable as how long the cleanup will take.  Both persons from the vessel returned to Cordova after the incident

Tony Gorman is a reporter at KCHU in Valdez.

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