300 Villages: Anchor Point

This week we’re heading to Anchor Point, a small community 14 miles north of Homer on the Kenai Peninsula. Bobby Ness lives in Anchor Point:

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Photo from Wikipedia.
Photo from Wikipedia.

My name is Bobby Ness. I’ve been in Anchor Point since 2003.

Anchorage Point is kind of a quiet little community. It’s kind of a retired, it seems like it’s a little bit of a retired community, but there’s a lot of workers down here too. The senior center and the VFW are some of our big things that we do events with and, you know, different programs with and everything.

Anchor Point does have a hotel. It’s got bed and breakfasts around here. So it’s a great little community to come visit. It’s good for fishing. There’s Anchor River Inn is a great fishing area. They have campgrounds down there and a boat launch down there.

Yes, we do have a beautiful view of the mountains. It’s kind of cloudy today, but on a clear day you can see the volcanoes.

People go fishing, we have bingo, we have different activities at the VFW and the senior center.

At the senior center we have bingo and we have dinners and meals, like Thursday night dinners, breakfasts once a month, and special occasions.

I love living here because it’s just a nice little quaint, quiet community. Yes, we do have summer people, but the wintertime is very quiet.

It’s just a nice community. Everybody is friendly. I don’t know of any strangers around here, everybody seem to get along and we have a lot of good times together.

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