Bethel Native Sets Several US Powerlifting Records

Bethel Regional High School graduate, Natalie Hanson, is now the American powerlifting record holder in three of the sport’s biggest events. At 23-years old, Hanson set the official record for bench press, squat and total weight lifted for her age group and size. As of now, no one in the USA under 23-years old weighing under 75 kilos has ever officially lifted as much weight as she has.

Natalie Hanson, courtesy of Calista Corporation
Natalie Hanson, courtesy of Calista Corporation

“I’m in shock,” says Hanson about her record breaking performance, “it still doesn’t feel like that.”

Hanson broke the records at the Alaska State Championships for Power Lifting held in Anchorage, an event sanctioned by the USA powerlifting.

Hanson set the records in the Junior Division for ages 20 – 23.

She smashed the US squat record by 18 pounds after squatting 297 pounds. She also pushed past the bench press record by 5 pounds with a 197 pound press.

Those weights are added to her dead lift to give a total weight. Added together, Hanson lifted 827 pounds, 27 pounds more than the previous record.

Making it more unbelievable is the fact that Hanson didn’t even train for the events. She’s instead been training for cross-fit competitions, which focuses on a broader range of strength and flexibility. Hanson says a friend noticed her natural abilities could put her in immediate contention for the national records.

Hanson was born and raised in Bethel but now lives in Anchorage. She’s the daughter or Rick and Kathy Hanson.

Hanson will move onto the USA Powerlifting National Competition in Florida on July 20.

Shane Iverson is a reporter at KYUK in Bethel.

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