Anchorage Food Mosaic Scavenger Hunt

Try something totally new and get to know your community with Anchorage Food Mosaic Scavenger Hunt bingo!

Participants who complete a row (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) will be eligible to win prizes from a random drawing of great food related prizes! Participants must send photos of each of the items on the scavenger hunt before 5:00pm on January 31st to be considered as completed.

Simply email your photos to

To get started, download the Scavenger Hunt Bingo Card here!

The Anchorage Food Mosaic’s mission is to build and celebrate community through our cultural foods.

In our current conventional agricultural system, a monoculture replaces lots of genetically diverse plants with one uniform crop, which is highly susceptible to disease and failure. In the same way that monocropping is dangerous to the future of a crop; we must encourage diversity within our community to prevent disease.

In order for our community to thrive we need to embrace and nurture the “mosaic” of people in this city.

The Anchorage Food Mosaic features different community members through photos and traditional recipes. Let us cook each others cultural foods and share our stories with one another.

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