Kulluk Drilling Rig Runs Aground; And Rep. Young Votes In Favor Of Fiscal Cliff Deal

Alaska Edition Host Michael Carey

First adrift, then aground, but always mired in controversy – that’s the story of the Shell drill rig Kulluk, which has fetched up on an island near Kodiak. A look at the APOC complaint against lobbyist Dan Coffey. Sen. Murkowski says it is time to rein in the so-called Super PACs. About two-thirds of the Republicans in the U.S. House voted against the Senate-passed bill to keep us off the rocks below the fiscal cliff – Congressman Don Young was one of those who joined Speaker John Boehner in voting yes. The state court system continues to grapple with how law enforcement gathers evidence in marijuana busts. Walrus poachers his Round Island and were busted, and now they are in federal court. The state Supreme Court rules against the reapportionment board. Setting off fireworks is illegal in Anchorage, but hundreds of people do so on New Year’s Eve. The Equal Rights Commission’s lawyer says we’re still in business although voters rejected legislation that would have added gays, lesbians and transgenders to protected classes.

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HOST: Michael Carey


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