Rehabilitated Harbor Seals Head for the Ocean

On Friday, two young harbor seals had an audience at False Outer Point as the seals made their way into the ocean for the first time since they were rescued in May.

The seals arrived on the beach in two large crates, greeted by the excited whispers of school kids. Dozens of children from around Juneau were on hand to bid the seals goodbye.

Olympia, a female harbor seal, was found in Haines in early May. The young pup was taken to the Alaska Sea Life Center where she joined Picabo, a seal pup rescued in Juneau. Both seals were born premature and were abandoned.

They spent three months at the SeaLife center recovering and learning how to fish.

The young seals were hesitant to leave their crates but eventually made their way down the beach. The crowd cheered as the two entered the water.

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