Special Session Cost At Least $403,790

Last month’s 13-day special legislative session cost at least $403,790.

Jessica Geary, finance manager for Legislative Affairs, says she expects the figure to rise. Costs are still being tabulated.

Gov. Sean Parnell called a special session for oil taxes and in-state gas pipeline and human trafficking bills.

While the Legislature quickly handled the trafficking bill, Parnell’s decision to pull his oil tax cut from the call led to the Senate adjourning without acting on the pipeline bill. The House adjourned four days later, after leaders, who’d looked for ways to keep the issue in play, decided they’d be unable to sway the Senate.

Travel, per diem and payroll account for the bulk of the cost so far, about $399,000. The rest is laundry, postage and commodities, like food and paper.

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