Anchorage Woodlot to Open with New Location

The Anchorage Soil and Water Conservation District is hoping to open the Anchorage Woodlot Thursday, May 3, 2012, depending on site conditions (check their website for the latest update).

Due to tremendous snow accumulation at the previous location, the woodlot is being moved to the South Anchorage Sports Park this year — thanks to Mayor Sullivan for allowing us to use the property, which in turn allows the ASWCD to continue the same low price to residential and commercial users.

The basic cost for remains at $10 per load, all material such as mulch or firewood taken from the woodlot is FREE. The first ground material will be available sometime in late-May. The woodlot accepts all natural wood, meaning all tree and brush parts – stumps, logs, limbs and brush.

Click for a larger view.

The ASWCD Anchorage Woodlot is a valuable community service, providing property owners full support in the active management of their properties, while supplying more than 2,500 tons of ground material to the community each year for uses such as landscape mulch, trail covering, soil erosion control, cover for livestock areas, and many more uses. In addition, hundreds of cords of firewood are supplied to residents. All material picked up from the woodlot is free.

The Anchorage Woodlot’s hours are every Thursday through Sunday, 9am to 7pm – through the end of September, or later if weather permits.

More information on the Anchorage Woodlot is available online at

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