Legislature Opposes Lynn Keogh Board Of Game Appointment

The legislature Tuesday approved all but one of the people appointed by the governor to serve on state boards and commissions. Members also had no opposition to the choice of Michael Gerraghty to be the state’s next Attorney General.

The Joint Session of the House and Senate refused Lynn Keogh as a member of the Board of Game. Operator of a guide service on the Kenai Peninsula and Kachemak Bay,  Keogh was appointed last summer.  Opposition arose when it was disclosed he had an old violation on his record.  He had been cited for using a 50-horsepower motor on his boat in an area where the size limit was 35-horsepower.

Keogh had said he didn’t know the motor was oversized,  but Kenai Republican Tom Wagoner said anyone guiding professionally should have know better.

“I have an old 35-horse on a river boat, and I know what would happen if I put a 50-horse on it.  I know the speed I would pick up and the additional load I would carry.  He broke the law. The sad thing is he is not the only guide on the Kenai River that broke the law. A lot of guides broke the law. But he was caught – and when he told us he didn’t know, I can’t believe that fact.  That’s why my vote will be against him.  He wasn’t honest with the committee,” Wagoner said.

Republican Alan Dick defended Keogh,  saying the opposition was really about Keogh’s stand on predator control.

“I rise to speak in behalf of those subsistence users that need the state to manage according to sustained yield principle.  I rise representing sportsmen and all those who have dealt with this issue in the past.  We’d really like to put it to rest and respect the governor’s appointment,” he said.

Challenges were raised to the governor’s appointment of two members of the Fish Board and one Regent. Those appointments were confirmed, however.

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