Ft. Wainwright Soldier Admits To Taking Gifts, Cash, Favors From Iraqi Contractor

A Fort Wainwright-based soldier has admitted to taking thousands of dollars in gifts, cash and favors from an Iraqi contractor.

Capt. Michael George Rutecki has signed a plea deal with prosecutors. In the plea agreement, he admits accepting illegal gratuities in exchange for helping a Baghdad contractor.

The Army paid the Nibras Group for civil service projects. Rutecki was a pay agent in charge of disbursing money for the projects from 2008 to 2011.

Rutecki took about $42,800 in gifts and cash in exchange for favoring the Nibras Group. Projects included a large electrical generator and school repair.

Federal prosecutors signed the agreement this week. A judge will review the agreement March 7 in Anchorage at Rutecki’s sentencing hearing.

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