Mudrooms: Storytelling “For the Love of It”

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In the category of Alaskan storytelling events, Anchorage has Arctic Entries.  And, over the past two seasons, the monthly event has become so popular it has relocated to larger venue and still been sold out in a matter of moments.

In Juneau, they’re just as sophisticated – just a little muddier. Mudrooms is a community-powered monthly event in Juneau, Alaska where real people tell real stories, live.

At the third ever Mudrooms event, six Juneauites and one other Alaskan told stories on the theme “For the Love of It” at Holy Trinity Church in Juneau.  Here’s a sample from that “other Alaskan,” Anchorage’s own Representative Les Gara:

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More stories are available at  Mudrooms’ creators are Amanda Compton and Alida Bus. Audio production by Marc Wheeler.

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