The Creative Impulse Behind Object Runway

A dress made of old but shiny bicycle parts? That was the People’s Choice award from Object Runway’s third annual show before a packed crowd at the Bear Tooth Jan. 26, featuring some 65 garments designed by Alaskans, each telling its own story.

There was the dress that told McCarthy, Alaska’s story. A dress that captured birds in flight. A dress made of vinyl records, and another out of Girl Scout cookie boxes.

Find out why these D.I.Y. fashion shows, with garments made of found and unpredictable materials, attract so many enthusiasts. Join me, host Kathleen McCoy, with Object Runway co-organizer Holly McQuinn and artist Keren Lowell, along with several of the Anchorage designers who submitted  their wildly unpredictable garments. Where do their ideas come from and how do they execute? This Friday, you can take a closer look at the garments from 5:30-7:30 p.m. during the International Gallery of Contemporary Art First Friday.

Learn about an upcoming opportunity for more wearable art at the Alaska Fiber Festival’s “Eye of the Beholder” show on March 9.


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HOST: Kathleen McCoy

GUESTS: Holly McQuinn, Project Runway co-organizer
Keren Lowell, Project Runway designer, artist and art professor

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