National Group Supports ANWR Development

One of the largest bipartisan groups of state elected officials will campaign in favor of petroleum development in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.  The National Conference of State Legislatures this month approved a resolution supporting the opening of ANWR – making it part of the groups’ national policy and adding its input to the issue if it comes before the federal government.

The resolution was sponsored by Eagle River Republican Dan Saddler.

“It’s a long running organization and it does speak very clearly in an informed basis on the states’ agenda to Washington.  So in the form of NCSL, when the states go to ED-C to lobby for more money or jobs or whatever issues, they have this policy directive behind them saying “NCSA also supports considering and opening up ANWR to responsible development.  Now, that packs a punch and Congress will have to listen.”

Saddler says the resolution will be voted on again at another NCSL meeting next summer.

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