About 70 Homes Without Power In Savoonga

Around 70 households are without power Friday morning in Savoonga on St. Lawrence Island.

Alaska Village Electric Co-op says power has been out since 5 a.m. Thursday following days of snow and freezing rain.  A linecrew is set to fly out this morning from Nome before another storm systemmoves in.

Mayor Myron Kingeekuk says people were hooking up generators purchased after last year’s outage or trying to get power from neighbors on Thursday night.

Savoonga suffered a prolonged outage last December, causing pipes to burst in about 50 homes.

AVEC line superintendent Bill Stamm says last summer’s work should protect the village this time.

The National Weather Service has issued a blizzard watch for St. LawrenceIsland extending tonight through Saturday afternoon.

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Ben Matheson is a contributor with the Alaska Public Radio Network.

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