“Media with Meaning”, An Interview With Alaskan Filmmaker And Documentarian Mary Katzke

Katzke has beaten the odds to be a successful filmmaker in Alaska–long before the Alaskan film industry started to boom.  She is most famous for her documentaries.  Mary is currently producing “A Day in Bristol Bay”, where cameras and mentorship are being given to community members to give authentic insight into what life is like for the people of Bristol Bay.  She is also revisiting and updating an earlier project from the perspective of the women who were victims of Hanson.  “Frozen Ground” is currently being shot in Anchorage, but that film is from the perspective of the detectives who find Hanson and bring him to justice.  When Mary first was working on her project, she intended it to be a play, but she had gathered a great many filmed interviews of the women at that time and their experiences on the bars and streets of Anchorage.  We also discussed Mary’s adventures on a year-long trip she took with her son, which she also documented as a film.

HOST: Sandy Harper and Dick Reichman

GUEST: Mary Katzke, founder, Affinityfilms

ORIGINAL BROADCAST: November 28, 2011 at 1:00 p.m.

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