Teller Man Missing After Storm

State troopers and search and rescue personal are looking for a man missing in Teller. Trooper Ann Sears says 26 year-old Kyle Kohmok was last seen on a yellow 4 wheeler around 4 p.m. yesterday.

Teller search and rescue went through town to see if he was staying with anyone.  They also searched the lake behind Teller.  No tracks were found in that area.

Water, rocks, logs, and ice moved in on Nome last night.  The surge peaked just shy of 10 feet around 5 o’clock.  Rocks sprayed onto front street and water washed out a portion of the highway around 15 miles east of town.

Clean up operations were begun and in some cases finished early today.  Incident Commander Chip Leeper says the Nome road crew took care of the debris quickly.

Leeper says he saw less debris this time around than he did the 2004 storm. After Nome realigned its harbor, the dredged sand has moved in front of a potion of downtown.  Leepr says this mini beach may have helped to push out the crashing waves.

Echoing a common sentiment today, Leeper says it was not as bad as some scenarios predicted:

The city is now compiling expenses for reimbursement in case the situation is declared a  disaster by the state.

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Ben Matheson is a contributor with the Alaska Public Radio Network.

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