AK: Newest Marian Call Album Funded by Fans

Anchorage Singer-Songwriter Marian Call doesn’t have any trouble writing material. She says the ideas spill out of her and shape into songs quickly. That’s fortunate, since Call has a hectic schedule working to make it as a musician far from the mainstream recording hotspots in the Lower 48. She uses Facebook and Twitter to connect with fans and takes a creative approach to financing her passion. Her new album “Something Fierce” is a double CD that’s funded by her biggest fans.

She gets inspiration from fans too. The CD starts off with a fun song she put together after a fan dared her to write a tune the astronauts could wake up to. Its called Good Morning Moon:

Marian Call’s new album is “Something Fierce” She’s playing tonight at 8pm at the Snowgoose theater, November 5th in Juneau and December 10th in Fairbanks.

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