The Sex Talk


Parents dread it and kids would rather hear it from strangers, yes, we’re talking about the sex talk. But did you know – caregivers who learn how to speak with their children are helping their kids to be healthier individuals. Research has found that more teens would prefer to get information about contraceptives from their parents than from a health center, class, hospital, media or friends, and studies show that adolescents who feel open to discussing sexual health with their parents are more likely to delay initiating sexual intercourse. Our guests Katherine Huffman, a healthy sexuality trainer and Chris Reynolds, a Licensed Professional Counselor specializing in sex therapy join guest host, Kathleen McCoy, to talk about talking about sex – how and when to discuss it within the family.

ALSO THIS HOUR – Teenagers tell us their attitudes about sex and who they talk to about it; we’ll learn about a new, mail-order STD testing kit available to all Alaskans; and we’ll hear about the programs around the state aimed at preventing domestic violence among young people in romantic relationships.

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