“Extreme” Aurora Predicted Tonight

Get out your camera out and fill your thermos with hot chocolate, because tonight might be THE night to see the Aurora. I received this email from the Geophysical Institute’s Aurora Alert today:

The effects of the solar events of the last days have reached Earth and a
large magnetic storm is in progress. . . Because of the activity following the initial shock, we expect this storm to continue…

Weather permitting, highly active auroral displays will be visible overhead from Barrow to Bethel, Dillingham and Ketchikan, and visible low on the horizon from King Salmon.

On the Geophysical’s Insitute website, tonight’s forecast is KP 5. If you follow the forecasts regularly, a “5” doesn’t happen often. And on a clear, weekend night? Forget about it.

Go to http://www.gi.alaska.edu/AuroraForecast/ to monitor the short-term forecast tonight.

-Slavik Boyechko is Membership Manager for KSKA and KAKM.

Slavik Boyechko is Membership Manager for KAKM and KSKA.

907.550.8482 - slavik@alaskapublic.org

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