The Adolescent Boy


Boys will be boys – but why exactly? We ask what makes adolescent boys 11-14 unique and what changes are their bodies – and their minds – going through at this developmental stage? Do boys and girls really learn differently? And what is necessary to help a boy become a good man?

Joining host Shana Sheehy in the studio to answer these questions is author, therapist and educator, Michael Gurian, founder of the Gurian Institute which helps parents and teachers understand the brains of adolescents through science and applied teaching skills.

ALSO THIS HOUR –  A Tsimshian father takes his son on a canoe voyage as a rite of passage into manhood; the 7th and 8th grade boys at Pacific Northern Academy tell us who gets more attention in school – boys or girls; and the best books to get your adolescent boy fired up about reading!

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