Arctic Imperative: Marie Greene – CEO, NANA

The video that follows was presented by NANA President and CEO Marie Greene – at the Arctic Imperative Summit in June at Alyeska Resort in Girdwood, Alaska.

In the coming weeks, will feature a number of the presentations from the Summit.  For more details of the event, including video of each of the speakers, check out

Marie Kasaŋnaaluk Greene is an Iñupiaq from the Native Village of Deering, Alaska. She brings a wealth of cultural insight along with many years of senior level leadership experience to her role as president and chief executive officer of NANA Regional Corporation (NRC).

Greene works to cultivate the corporation’s cultural and economic resources, collaborating with other regional organizations to improve the quality of life for NANA shareholders. Greene works closely with the NANA board of directors and NANA region communities, serving on the boards of several regional and statewide organizations including: OTZ Telephone Cooperative; the Advisory committee for Wells Fargo Bank; and the Alaska Federation of Natives. She is co-chair of the Northwest Arctic Workforce Development and Higher Education Consortium and the Northwest Arctic Leadership Team (NWALT). Greene is an appointed member of the five-member Alaska Redistricting Board, responsible for reapportioning the state house and senate districts following the 2010 U.S. Census. She holds a master’s degree in Rural Development.

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