Deaf & Hard of Hearing Children

Tuesday, August 2 at 2:00 pm and 7:00 pm


BABIES CAN SIGN before they speak, and many parents are helping their little ones to communicate in this way with the aid of educational resources like the popular series, Signing Time! Guest Rachel Coleman designed this fun, musical program in response to learning that her own daughter was profoundly deaf. Today, learn Rachel’s story and how Signing Time! is helping families with deaf children talk to one another.

And Tracy Pifer from the Alaska State School for Deaf and Hard of Hearing is also in the studio with host Shana Sheehy to let us know about the ways that our state is helping deaf children to learn and grow academically.

ALSO THIS HOUR, Jessica Cochran reports on infant hearing tests and introduces us to a little girl with cochlear implants; Sarah Gonzales learns how linguistics + computer science = better literacy for older deaf students and finds out what resources UAA offers its deaf students.

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