National Debt Default; Mayor Sullivan Takes On Protester; Public Safety Commissioner Charged with Rape

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This week on Alaska Edition, host Michael Carey speaks with Paul Jenkins, of the Anchorage Daily PlanetSteve McDonald, of KTUU – Channel 2 News, and Libby Casey, of APRN, to tackle some of biggest news concerning the state. The U.S. risks defaulting on the national debt come August; Don Young is absent from Washington D.C. during the the debate; Mayor Sullivan takes on a homeless sidewalk protester with a criminal history; conservative activist Grover Norquist has convinced hundreds of elected Republicans to sign a no-taxes, not-never pledge; sex abuse charges against former Anchorage half-way house magnate Bill Weimar were dropped; the launch of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau causes controversy in Washington D.C.; a member of Anchorage’s Public Safety Advisory Commission was arrested for rape; a Post/ABC poll shows that Sarah Palin would play a dynamic role in the presidential race if she ran, the possible effects on Alaska if the U.S. defaults on its debt, and Joe Miller says he won’t appeal $17,200 in legal fees he owes the state after his failed election lawsuits.

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HOST: Michael Carey, Freelance editorial writer, Anchorage Daily News


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