Chefs Tour Alaska to Spread Alaska Seafood Market

In an effort to diversify Alaskan seafood’s marketing base to include countries other than Japan, the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute is running a two week tour of the state for chefs!

A group of Michelin star chefs from some of the most prominent restaurants from regions of France are visiting processors and communities in Kodiak, Anchorage.  Next week, “Celebrity Chef,”  from the United Kingdom will be filming two episodes of that prime time morning television show.

Joe Jacobson is the director of ASMI’s international marketing program.  He says it is important to let people taste the difference between Alaskan wild-caught salmon and salmon from other regions, or raised in pens. But even more important, especially for Alaskan salmon, is the environmental and cultural story of the product…and that is best understood as an experience.

Jacobsen said more details can be found on ASMI’s website.

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Melati Kaye is a reporter at KDLG in Dillingham.

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