Debt Reduction; Title 21; and the 8(a) Contracting Debate

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This week on Alaska Edition, host Michael Carey speaks with Brendan Joel Kelley, of the Anchorage Press, Jill Burke, of the Alaska Dispatch, and Libby Casey, of APRN, to tackle some of biggest news concerning the state. President Obama has made Congress stay after school to iron out a deficit reduction and national debt plan; who is Major Barney – and why is he in jail struggling to have a judge grant him bail?; Title 21 – the Anchorage land use code – has been under review for, well, years, and it has been the source of intense debate; 8(a) contracting remains under attack; Mike Dingman suggests that Sarah Palin may run for the U.S. Senate – from Arizona; Our delegation is doing some traveling. Sen. Murkowski is in Anchorage, Sen. Begich is in Croatia. What are they up to?; reapportionment of the Legislature; EPA files a clean water suit against Unalaska; and the Aviation Pilots Bill of Rights.

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HOST: Michael Carey, Freelance editorial writer, Anchorage Daily News


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