Oceans Council Developing Strategic Action Plans

The first of  those public hearings took place in Barrow not long ago.   Residents  attended to give their input to the National Oceans Council officials.  Eileen Sobeck  is the deputy assistant secretary of Fish and Wildlife and Parks for the Interior Department,  and is taking a lead role in the Council.

The Council is charged with developing nine strategic action plans.   One of them is titled “Changing Conditions in the Arctic” and it is the only one to focus attention on one concentrated region.

Sobeck says the coastal issues in the Arctic make it the perfect place to start the process.

State acting deputy commissioner of Fish and Game Doug Vincent – Lang  told federal officials that  investment in Arctic infrastructure is needed toward improving safety, security and transportation.   “we need more resources, not more rules”, he said.

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Jake Neher is a reporter at KBRW in Barrow.

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